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Now Playing in Target

Our good friend, Emily Ley, released a new book from HarperCollins called A Simplified Life. First, we highly recommend picking up a copy! To promote the book in Target, they decided to let Emily's son, Brady, tell us all about the book and how much he LOVES Target. He did so good! You can catch this video playing in Targets across the U.S. or see it below:



Client: HarperCollins for Target

Behind the Scenes Photos from the shoot: 


NOAA - Hurricane Hunters New Headquarters

How do you make construction look good on video? First, team up with an awesome architect and document some of the coolest people in the world: The Hurricane Hunters. Finally, spend 8 months compiling lots of footage. 

We teamed up with The Lunz Group to document the process of the new NOAA Hurricane Hunters HQ in Lakeland, FL. Through mostly timelapse and some drone video, we took a normally slow paced process and sped it up with quick edits, transitions and sound design. 

There's more to come on this video as the interior is being finished, but you can check out the current edit here: